Feel groggy and miserable in the morning?

Buy Sleeptracker Sleep Watch!

If only the thought of your alarm going off in the morning makes you shudder, I completely understand. When you get woken up in the middle of deep sleep, it can be really hard! You’ll feel groggy and find it really hard to get out of bed. Sometimes it can take quite a while to fully wake up! This is happening for 2 reasons.

When you sleep at night, your body goes through different stages of sleep. They vary from a very light stage of sleep where you are almost awake, to a stage where you are in a very deep sleep. It is when you get woken up in that deep sleep stage that you have problems and it takes you a while to wake up. When you wake up on your own, or in a lighter stage of sleep, you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to get out of bed and start the day.

Another reason you might feel tired and groggy in the morning is because you didn’t get enough sleep the night before. There are many ways you can make sure you get a better night’s sleep. This includes exercising during the day (not too close to bedtime), having a glass of warm milk or tea at night, taking a nice warm bath or shower right before bed, and many others.

Making sure your bedroom is nice and dark as well as quiet will also help you sleep better at night, and be more awake and alert in the morning.

The good news is, there is a product that will solve both of your problems, and make it easy for you wake up more awake, alert, and refreshed. Even better, it will happen overnight!

The Sleeptracker is a watch that will monitor your sleeping. It will wake you up when you are in a lighter stage of sleep, so you will automatically be more awake and alert when you get up. No more will your alarm go off while you are in a deep sleep. Overnight you will find out that it is easier to wake up each morning.

Another great feature is that it tracks your sleep. You can take the data and see when you are sleeping, how long you are in each stage of sleep, and more. This will really help if you’re tired in the morning and don’t know why. Maybe you don’t realize it but a pet or some other noise is waking you up during the night. You can use this to track how different things you do during the day affect your sleep.

If you’re looking to wake up more refreshed, awake, and alert in the morning…and want to do this overnight, take a look at Sleeptracker.


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